Functional Medicine FAQs in Clarksville

Functional Medicine in Clarksville TN

Do you questions about functional medicine in Clarksville? Read through our answers below to common questions we receive, or give us a call.

Our functional medicine program includes:

  • Complete medical record review of the previous 12 months
  • 1-hour initial health consultation
  • Nutrition, Exercise, and Emotional Health Lifestyle appointments 1 hour
  • 45-minute Report of Findings and Treatment Plan
  • 30-minute follow up health consultations (minimum of 2)
  • Direct email access to your healthcare provider
  • Customized nutrition plan with strategies for implementation
  • Direct Lab Pricing on all advanced diagnostic testing

The cost of our Functional Medicine Program is $125/month for 12 months. We require a 15 minute, one on one discovery visit to make sure our program is right for you before starting the program.

This varies from person to person depending on your overall health and symptoms. Results typically are seen within 30-60 days once treatment begins. Maximum resolution of symptoms can take up to 8 to 10 months as health is restored. A minimum of 4 visits is needed but more visits may be needed depending of the severity of symptoms. We will have a more accurate prognosis after the Initial Consultation.

You do not need to bring anything to your first visit. Please wear comfortable clothing such as gym attire as this makes it easier performing the physical examination.

Insurance is not accepted for functional medicine in our office.

Most of the time functional lab testing is not covered by insurance.

We are a Care Credit provider. This program allows you to pay the office visits, lab testing, and nutritional supplement costs over a period of 12 months with 0% interest.

Yes, HSA and FSA may be used. Please check with your plan.

Yes, we do phone consultations with patients seeking help.

Since we are a Doctors Choice provider, you will save up to 80% on diagnostic testing. As everyone in different and need different tests, you should budget $600 to $1400 on advanced diagnostic lab testing depending on the severity of your case. Supplementation varies depending on the severity of the patients symptoms. Most patients need to budget $70 - $400 per month on supplementation. Protocols typically last 3-6 months depending on the patient.

Many of the lab testing kits can be performed at home. The home kits are for urine collection, saliva, blood spot, and/or stool testing. If a blood draw is needed, we are a corporate member with Any Lab Test Now.

If you are interested in learning more about the functional medicine services we offer at Tennessee Center of Integrated Medicine in Clarksville please call our team today.


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