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Would you benefit from functional medicine in Clarksville? While functional medicine has recently gained increased attention, it is actually a system of healing that has been in the making for hundreds of years.

Functional Medicine in Clarksville TN

Functional medicine has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine, western health care, and the latest in health care research, taking the best of each and combining them into an independent healing approach.  This new approach is one that focuses on the cause of disease rather than focusing on symptoms.  Through the concentration on symptoms, our health care system has gradually been converted to a disease care system, and functional medicine offers a viable approach to reverse this trend. To accomplish this, functional medicine practitioners view the body as a whole, taking into account nutritional, environmental, and genetic factors.  Through active doctor-patient communication, functional medicine practitioners embrace the word doctor, which literally means teacher in Latin, allowing you to take control of your health.

Unfortunately, as the state of health has changed throughout our nation, our health care system has remained fairly stagnant in its approach to healing.  While our country’s traditional approach to treatment was successful for the types of diseases present in 1920, it has grown less effective at treating the current epidemics of heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and diabetes.  While the diseases of days gone by were typically of short duration and responded well to quick fixes such as surgery and medication, it has become increasingly evident that todays chronic conditions require a different approach.

The complexity of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis far outweigh that of conditions previously treated by our health care system.  An increased complexity of diseases requires an equally comprehensive approach to treatment.  Where traditional medicine has focused on the condition, functional medicine is aimed at treating the individual.  Through this approach, functional medicine practitioners consider the unique genetic, environmental, and occupational factors that may be contributing to a persons sickness.  By doing so, these health care providers can focus on individualizing nutritional, supplementation, and exercise plans as a means to address a person’s health status.

What makes functional medicine unique?

With chronic diseases currently spiraling out of control, it has been become increasingly obvious that a different health care approach is both needed and warranted.  Instead of treating the disease once it is already present, doesn’t it make more sense to concentrate on preventing the condition in the first place?  Functional medicine is unique in that it often focuses on variations in metabolism to both identify a predisposition to developing a condition and to discover the underlying cause if already present.  As mentioned previously, functional medicine practitioner's concentrate on being your health care teacher.  Can you remember a time your doctor truly educating you about your health care condition? Through this avenue, functional medicine practitioners will allow you to take back control of your health.  After all, you are the one suffering from the condition, shouldn’t your treatment be focused on you and not the other people who have had similar problems?

Functional medicine is also one of the few health care choices that views the body as a whole.  This is important considering that every single system in your body is dependent on the next to function properly.  To take this holistic approach, these practitioners consider all variables including; your personal history, genetic make up, occupational, nutritional, and social factors.  All of these factors play a role in the expression of health and disease.

Finally, once the cause of your condition has been discovered, functional medicine practitioners use the best from multiple health care disciplines to properly treat the cause.  For example, after a careful diagnosis following the use of various imaging and laboratory testing, many practitioners utilize a combination of dietary changes, supplements, and exercise programs.

Functional Medicine Testimonials

Chiropractic Clarksville TN Isabell Functional Medicine Testimonial

"This program was one of the best things I've done for my life. Truly such a life changing experience. Thank you Tennessee Center of Integrated Medicine!"

- Isabell S.





Chiropractor Clarksville TN James Taylor Linda H Testimonial"I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. For the past year I have had horrible pain, extreme weakness, nausea and overwhelming fatigue. My mobility was very limited and consequently I had put on much weight. I was pretty much restricted to bed or my recliner. Any activity resulted in shortness of breath. I was lucky to be able to accomplish one task a day. I knew that partnering with TNCIM would be a significant commitment as I live in East Central Indiana. Dr. Taylor was very clear upfront that it would be an 80/20 partnership - they would provide 20% of the treatment, coaching and support but 80% of the work would be on me. I was so miserable with such poor quality of life I felt I really needed to make this commitment. This life was not what I had planned for retirement. They have made the long distant interaction so easy for me with phone conferences, zoom meetings and emails/text messages. I have had to make face-to-face visits only twice. I have completed 11 weeks of my journey for a new life and I can't believe the difference it has made. I am no longer confined to my bed or recliner. I exercise 3x/week, take my dog for walks at least 5 days a week and feel like I have energy to burn. I even washed my windows inside and out a few days ago. I am doing yard work that I have not been able to do for several years. I am no longer short of breath with activity, not constantly weak and fatigued and all the nausea has gone. In addition I have lost 30 pounds as a side benefit. Seriously, at times the journey has been challenging ( especially the last week of detox) but the support from this team has been phenomenal. I had made up my mind I was going to give this journey my very best effort as I was desperate to feel better. I decided I was no longer going to live to eat but eat to live. I thought about everything I ate and tried some new foods and ways of cooking. I found that many foods I had not tried were actually good and I have enjoyed cooking again. I am getting ready to go on vacation in a few days. Instead of thinking what will I be able to do, I am planning as many adventures as I can get in. I am even planning to do a hike in the mountains. There are no words to explain the difference. Family and friends just can't believe the difference in me in such a short time. Thank you, Dr. Taylor, Erin, and TNCIM for giving me my life back!!"

-Linda H.

Chiropractor Clarksville TN James Taylor Angie G Testimonial "I went to a free seminar in early May. Decided that with all of the symptoms I had and being overweight I could benefit from the 44-month program. I had my consult and changed my diet, no gluten, and sugar, but eating clean. The first week was hard. I not only lost 20lbs but my gut problems went away, and the pain from psoriatic arthritis is almost nonexistent. I work out 3 days on my own and 2 days at Tncim. Dr. Taylor and his team are great. I highly recommend Tncim."

- Angie G.

Chiropractor Clarksville TN James Taylor Lori Testimonial"I want to thank Dr Taylor, Dr Erin, Dr Brian and the rest of the staff for helping me take my life back. After 16 weeks I have lost 5% of my weight and reduced my body fat to 24%! I eliminated fatigue, indigestion, hot flashes, loss of hair, constipation, diarrhea, and 3 of my 5 medications. It also increased my overall wellbeing, happiness and libido! Without their help I couldn't have done it. I wouldn't have known how. Don't put off a better life! Call them TODAY and start living again! If I can do it so can you!"

- Lori W.

Chiropractor Clarksville TN James Taylor Edith Testimonial

"I was very skeptical joining this program. Most programs over promise and under deliver. I will say that this program is great. I have lost 35 pounds and has given me a good foundation. I have learned good clean eating habits, and I really enjoy the recipes given throughout the program. The workouts at the clinic are fabulous. They push you to go farther than you think you can go. My bloodwork looks so much better, and I was able to come off metformin. Healthwise, I feel so much better and empowered to continue the health journey. Thank you, Dr. Taylor and the team for your support."

- Edith C.

Chiropractor Clarksville TN James Taylor

"I always thought it was my fault that I was so overweight, but I've come to the conclusion that it was the fault of the many previous diets I have tried. They were mostly low fat and so restrictive that I could not stay on them once the weight loss stopped (usually by 6 weeks in). I would give up because my body refused to lose weight as it had gone into famine mode. That's not a good way to live. Every time I gave up, my weight went up and my self-esteem went down. So here I am, 78 years old. Weight Watchers would have told me that 1) It is extremely hard to lose weight at my age, and 2) my total food intake would have to be cut back even more because of my age. Well, as of this past tuesday, I have lost 47 lbs!!!! And I can eat more than 3 ounces of meat at a meal! I don't think my knee replacement surgery would have gone as well as it did had I not lost weight, not to mention the "prehab" and rehab I have gotten from Zach and Marcus. I am eating well, I do not feel deprived, I am healthy and I will be ending December with a weight loss, not a gain. Thank you to everyone at TNCIM for bringing this program to Clarksville. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2022."

- Margaret E.

Chiropractic Clarksville TN Michelle Testimonial"For years I struggled with low energy, brain fog, insomnia, digestive issues and began gaining weight in my midriff area. I went to see my physician countless times explaining something was wrong! She would say everything was within normal limits except my cholesterol was high and I needed to be on a Statin. After researching the side effects of statins I refused to put that poison in my body. I decided to attend a seminar Dr. Taylor was holding and everything he spoke of was exactly what I was experiencing. After a thorough evaluation, medical history and lots of labs, Dr. Taylor explained all the findings. Turns out my cholesterol was due to low thyroid T-3!! Had I taken that statin it would have cause considerable amount of organ damage and never addressed the actual problem. There were other findings and TNCIM has me on all natural supplements to support those systems. Going through the detox and taking supplements I feel 10 years younger, full of energy, mental clarity and dropping weight naturally! I'm getting stronger and healthier every day. Dr Taylor and his team of Doctors are knowledgeable, thorough, compassionate and truly want to help people live healthy, quality lives! They hear you, they see you, they support and teach you!! Thank you TNCIM team, you all have added years to my life."

- Michelle C.

Chiropractor Clarksville TN James Taylor Amy Testimonial"I have been attending the center for 3 months after attending a free seminar. I used to be so tired, but didn't understand why. Now after learning to eat healthier, taking supplements, and attending their exercise classes I am feeling so much better! I highly recommend them. All their employees are very friendly and knowledgeable. Their neurofeedback program is excellent!"

- Amy M.

Chiropractor Clarksville TN James Taylor Yvonne Testimonial"Dr Taylor and the team at TN Center of Integrated Medicine are great!!! They listen to their patients and get information through labs to determine the best course of to reach your health goals. I am very satisfied and highly recommend them to anyone who needs assistance in making changes to improve your health!!"


- Yvonne L.

"As far as the results I got from participating in your program, they far exceeded the benefits I thought were possible. I appreciated the initial functional testing, so I knew what my starting levels were as far as blood tests, body fat, strength and endurance, and weight. Then, the exercises and online training progressed at MY fitness level, which I really appreciated, because I knew the "cookie cutter" approach was often not successful. As I continued through my diet and exercise, I could really begin to see improvement in my strength and endurance. My main reason for starting the program had been poor gut health, and I was truly blessed to have this resolved through the changes in diet. I copied and saved the online information for future reference, because I don't want to return to my previous level of discomfort and decreased strength. After I had a second round of functional testing and saw the overall improvement in my cholesterol levels, gut health, strength and body fat level, I really started recommending your program to anyone who asked what I was doing to look and feel so much better. Everyone at your practice, from the receptionists to the physical therapists, to Dr. Vince and Erin Taylor were so pleasant and helpful, I truly felt welcomed. I can't thank you all enough and look forward to seeing you again when I return to Clarksville."

- Georgia M.

Chiropractic Clarksville TN Functional Medicine Patient Testimonial Before
Chiropractic Clarksville TN Functional Medicine Patient Testimonial After
Chiropractic Clarksville TN Functional Medicine Patient Testimonial Before and After
Chiropractic Clarksville TN Functional Medicine Client Testimonial Before And After

Functional Medicine FAQs

We build custom functional wellness programs for individuals. Below is a list of what is factored into a wellness program:

  • A week by week education that focuses on detoxification, gut health, nutrition, exercise, hormone balance, and nervous system balance.
  • Advanced diagnostic testing that may include heavy metal testing, nutrient deficiency testing, stool testing, food sensitivity testing, mold testing, hormone testing, and/or neurotransmitter testing depending on the individuals history and exam.
  • We factor in a supplementation budget to balance and correct deficiencies and toxicities of the body.
  • We provide 24/7 access to our wellness team for support via text and email.
  • Exercise guidance in either group classes or one on one consulting if the individual is exercising outside of the clinic.
  • Follow up visits with the doctor and health/wellness coach to go over program design and lab reports.

Our programs are customized to the individual practice member. Some people need a very basic plan lasting a couple months whereas some practice members we work with for a year. The investment varies depending on what YOU need. We don't offer cookie cutter programs. For example, we had an 8 year old child suffering with ADHD and severe constipation. We ended up working with that member for 3 months. We have had a 55 year old female who was diabetic, had IBS, wanted to lose 75 pounds, low thyroid, and wanted her energy back. We worked with that practice member for almost a year. Those two wellness programs investment are completely different.

We are able to work with our practice members to budget their program on a month to month basis. We have single moms and dads, retirees, and those on disability that have had no problem joining our wellness program. If you are ready to get your health back, we won't let financials get in the way.

Insurance is not accepted for functional medicine in our office.

Most of the time functional lab testing is not covered by insurance.

We are a Care Credit provider. This program allows you to pay the office visits, lab testing, and nutritional supplement costs over a period of 12 months with 0% interest.

Yes, HSA and FSA may be used. Please check with your plan.

Yes, we do phone consultations with patients seeking help.

Many of the lab testing kits can be performed at home. The home kits are for urine collection, saliva, blood spot, and/or stool testing. If a blood draw is needed, we are a corporate member with Any Lab Test Now.


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