Chiropractor Clarksville TN James Taylor Lori Testimonial"I want to thank Dr Taylor, Dr Erin, Dr Brian and the rest of the staff for helping me take my life back. After 16 weeks I have lost 5% of my weight and reduced my body fat to 24%! I eliminated fatigue, indigestion, hot flashes, loss of hair, constipation, diarrhea, and 3 of my 5 medications. It also increased my overall wellbeing, happiness and libido! Without their help I couldn't have done it. I wouldn't have known how. Don't put off a better life! Call them TODAY and start living again! If I can do it so can you!"

- Lori W.

Chiropractor Clarksville TN With Testimonials Patient

"Where do you turn when you have a physical concern that is medically present? You’ve sought answers, you did all that your medical caregiver has asked of you to do, and yet, still fall short of wellness. THIS WAS MY LIFE!

Having spent 3 years in a local hospital affiliated weight loss program, keeping a food journal that I was told: “Well done, you make great food choices,” yet I continued to gain weight, I still have IBS, and I was still adding more pain to my taxed body. My RA was beyond painful daily, and mobility was so difficult limiting my activities each day. Through all this discouragement I was motivated by words that cut to my core by one of my “specialty” doctors. I have chosen not to validate those words but instead sought out more alternative healthier changes.

I saw on a social media post for TNCIM and signed up immediately for their seminar. Each point that was addressed was exactly what I believed would address my health concerns. More importantly Dr. Taylor would run specific tests for “JUST ME!” Test that I had never done for me before!
I won’t go into what was amiss in my body for myself; But I will say this. My life has changed so much since I began to learn and make positive changes that have been so beneficial. I am MOBILE! Inflammation in my gut and my body have improved. Allergies have been so much better since eliminating what I found out I was allergic to. Also, through exercise (yup a word once foreign to me) I have much improved strength and stamina. The effects of my fibromyalgia are lessened, and I have to say the added benefit of weight loss was a delight!

I would like to encourage each of you to reflect on your struggles then get on board and begin the journey to a Better, Healthier YOU! I can also promise the care, concern, encouragement and listening hearts that Dr. Taylor and his staff have will be there supporting you each step of the way. TNCIM have become my friends and my biggest cheerleader. If I can do it at almost 70 years old, so can YOU! #NEVER GIVE UP!"

- Cynthia C.

Chiropractor Clarksville TN James Taylor

"I always thought it was my fault that I was so overweight, but I've come to the conclusion that it was the fault of the many previous diets I have tried. They were mostly low fat and so restrictive that I could not stay on them once the weight loss stopped (usually by 6 weeks in). I would give up because my body refused to lose weight as it had gone into famine mode. That's not a good way to live. Every time I gave up, my weight went up and my self-esteem went down. So here I am, 78 years old. Weight Watchers would have told me that 1) It is extremely hard to lose weight at my age, and 2) my total food intake would have to be cut back even more because of my age. Well, as of this past tuesday, I have lost 47 lbs!!!! And I can eat more than 3 ounces of meat at a meal! I don't think my knee replacement surgery would have gone as well as it did had I not lost weight, not to mention the "prehab" and rehab I have gotten from Zach and Marcus. I am eating well, I do not feel deprived, I am healthy and I will be ending December with a weight loss, not a gain. Thank you to everyone at TNCIM for bringing this program to Clarksville. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2022."

- Margaret E.

Chiropractor Clarksville TN James Taylor Edith Testimonial

"I was very skeptical joining this program. Most programs over promise and under deliver. I will say that this program is great. I have lost 35 pounds and has given me a good foundation. I have learned good clean eating habits, and I really enjoy the recipes given throughout the program. The workouts at the clinic are fabulous. They push you to go farther than you think you can go. My bloodwork looks so much better, and I was able to come off metformin. Healthwise, I feel so much better and empowered to continue the health journey. Thank you, Dr. Taylor and the team for your support."

- Edith C.

Chiropractic Clarksville TN Michelle Testimonial

"For years I struggled with low energy, brain fog, insomnia, digestive issues and began gaining weight in my midriff area. I went to see my physician countless times explaining something was wrong! She would say everything was within normal limits except my cholesterol was high and I needed to be on a Statin. After researching the side effects of statins I refused to put that poison in my body. I decided to attend a seminar Dr. Taylor was holding and everything he spoke of was exactly what I was experiencing. After a thorough evaluation, medical history and lots of labs, Dr. Taylor explained all the findings. Turns out my cholesterol was due to low thyroid T-3!! Had I taken that statin it would have cause considerable amount of organ damage and never addressed the actual problem. There were other findings and TNCIM has me on all natural supplements to support those systems. Going through the detox and taking supplements I feel 10 years younger, full of energy, mental clarity and dropping weight naturally! I'm getting stronger and healthier every day. Dr Taylor and his team of Doctors are knowledgeable, thorough, compassionate and truly want to help people live healthy, quality lives! They hear you, they see you, they support and teach you!! Thank you TNCIM team, you all have added years to my life."

- Michelle C.

Chiropractor Clarksville TN James Taylor Amy Testimonial"I have been attending the center for 3 months after attending a free seminar. I used to be so tired, but didn't understand why. Now after learning to eat healthier, taking supplements, and attending their exercise classes I am feeling so much better! I highly recommend them. All their employees are very friendly and knowledgeable. Their neurofeedback program is excellent!"

- Amy M.

"Dr Taylor and the team at TN Center of Integrated Medicine are great!!! They listen to their patients and get information through labs to determine the best course of to reach your health goals. I am very satisfied and highly recommend them to anyone who needs assistance in making changes to improve your health!!"


- Yvonne L.

"As a result of following the wellness program, I discovered that I had a severe reaction to soy (and was also gluten intolerant and reactive to egg whites and several other things). But my soy reaction was really obvious....During reintroduction when I tried soy, within just a couple of hours I could literally watch my hands swell and my finger joints became angry red and very painful, and it took a full week plus multiple acupuncture treatments for my hands to go back to normal! I just assumed soy would be a forever no no for me.

Three weeks ago I had SAAT by Dr. Vince and chose to treat soy, gluten, and egg whites. Needles (they are tiny and go in your right ear) came out this week and I decided to retest soy first....so I had sushi for supper yesterday, with lots of yummy soy sauce on it. As of this morning, I have had NO reaction! None. My hands look the same and I have no new gut/joint pain. I am SO excited!"

-Alecia S.

"I cannot begin to tell you how much neurofeedback and brain mapping has changed our son... He would struggle so much in school because of test anxiety to the point of causing panic attacks, he was always anxious, and extreme sensory overloaded... His focus and attention span has improved 100%, his handwriting, test scores everything has improved, my child's self-esteem has been boosted because he realizes I can do this.. He has become more outgoing, and wants to do things where as before he would be hesitant... We are so thankful that we heard about this, and will definitely be recommending our friends to the office.. Everyone in the office is great, you will not be disappointed with the services provided."

- Tanya D.

"He had an inability to control emotional outbursts. He really struggles with change to his daily routine. Socializing with new friends was difficult. After Neurofeedback, he is socializing better, and can control his emotions. We no longer have emotional breakdowns when his dad leaves on work trips. We are very thankful for the changes!"

- Mom of 9 year old son with autism

"My son has learned to calm himself and process his emotions before exploding or having a breakdown! It is so nice to see him smile and have fun and find a new confidence! We are so happy we decided to do Neurofeedback!" - Mom of 7 year old son

"When I do Neurofeedback, it helps me process because I have so many things going on in my mind. This really helps me because I can process, slow down my brain, and open up. I feel a lot calmer."

- M.G., 9 year old boy with anxiety

"First of all, I had a great experience with the staff here. Dr. Taylor and everyone else at TNCIM truly care about their clients and do everything they can to help them. When I first started neurofeedback therapy, I had been dealing with persistent insomnia for almost a year. Without sleep, my health continued to decline and no other remedies were fixing the problem. After about 20 sessions of neurofeedback therapy, I was finally sleeping all the way through the night consistently. It has now been a few months since my last session and I am still sleeping every single night. It has made a huge, positive difference in my health and I am extremely grateful!"

- Danielle A.

"As far as the results I got from participating in your program, they far exceeded the benefits I thought were possible. I appreciated the initial functional testing, so I knew what my starting levels were as far as blood tests, body fat, strength and endurance, and weight. Then, the exercises and online training progressed at MY fitness level, which I really appreciated, because I knew the "cookie cutter" approach was often not successful. As I continued through my diet and exercise, I could really begin to see improvement in my strength and endurance. My main reason for starting the program had been poor gut health, and I was truly blessed to have this resolved through the changes in diet. I copied and saved the online information for future reference, because I don't want to return to my previous level of discomfort and decreased strength. After I had a second round of functional testing and saw the overall improvement in my cholesterol levels, gut health, strength and body fat level, I really started recommending your program to anyone who asked what I was doing to look and feel so much better. Everyone at your practice, from the receptionists to the physical therapists, to Dr. Vince and Erin Taylor were so pleasant and helpful, I truly felt welcomed. I can't thank you all enough and look forward to seeing you again when I return to Clarksville."

- Georgia M.

“I have had migraine headaches starting in 1985. The only relief I have been able to get is when imatrex or sumatriptan showed up. I started getting acupuncture at Tennessee Center of Integrated Medicine and have not had a headache since I started. I’m very grateful for acupuncture.”

- William H.

“I used to have constant headaches that intensified with my day to day life and work. It was more like a nightmare than anything else. The acupuncture started and the headaches became more manageable. Acupuncture helps way more than traditional medication could help.

- Luis D.

“I hurt myself in 1979 in the coast guard. I rehurt the same injury in 1985. I have used a chiropractor since 1983. in 1990 I had surgery and was living with a mistake from the orthopedic surgeon. I sought pain pills for over 15 years. Get acupuncture! I love them. Thank you for introducing this to me. I DON’T HURT!”

- Timothy M.

“For many years, I had lower back pain. After coming to acupuncture, it has improved a great deal and now I only need to come once a month.

- Larry G.

“I started seeing Dr. Taylor because my neck, back, and arms were hurting pretty bad. Dr. Taylor adjusted me several times, but it didn’t do much for my arms. He suggested acupuncture might help. I agreed to try. After he had done acupuncture the first time, it helped with my arms. I am very pleased that my arms and neck don’t hurt when I have the acupuncture. Thank you Dr. Taylor for helping me!”

- Cindy W.

“Following a major car accident, I came to Dr. Taylor for help with neck pain. After a few sessions, I felt much better. But after ONE session of acupuncture, I felt amazing! I enjoy the staff, they are always courteous and professional. Hands down, a wonderful experience!”

- Christine S.

“I was struggling with headaches and migraines every day that I would have to go to the doctor for. The pain was in my neck, shoulders, and behind one of my eyes. Dr. Vince recommended acupuncture. I gave it a shot and have not had a headache since. Will be doing it again!

- Shaylin P.

“I tried the laser therapy to help alleviate some knee discomfort I experienced. It was difficult to pinpoint exactly what was bothering me and Dr. Vince recommended trying the laser. The day after my first laser treatment, I noticed that the discomfort was completely gone when walking and running! A week later (and several runs), still no discomfort and I am able to run up and down hills with no “runners knee” pain!”

- Kaitlyn S.

“I began to play tennis at the age of 10 and competed at a high level but had shoulder inflammation issues since playing competitive college tennis 15 years ago. Seven years ago, I had a surgery on my right shoulder and it took care of the major problem that caused the inflammation but unfortunately the pain and actual inflammation did not subside. Five years ago, I started competing again in national tournaments and had to take pain killers throughout any tournament I played. I moved to Clarksville two years ago and have been helping out with the APSU tennis team as a volunteer assistant coach ever since. A few months ago, Dr. Taylor sent out an email with a new laser therapy treatment and how it could potentially relieve pain and inflammation. Obviously, I was skeptical since I have tried physical therapy, cortisone shots, different types of anti-inflammatory medicine, etc. Since I was a major case, I did receive 9 treatments as of now and my pain went from an intolerable 8-9 to a really tolerable 2-4. Nothing in 7 years since my surgery has ever been that effective in relieving my pain and inflammation. In addition, Dr. Taylor also suggested some dietary changes I should make to avoid inflammation and the addition of a whole food supplement helped with keeping my inflammation in check. I would whole-heartedly recommend to anyone to give the laser therapy a try and see how it works for them."

- Wojtek B.

“I’ve been receiving treatment from Dr. Taylor for approximately 8 months. I initially came to his office with severe low back pain. My job involves heavy lifting and also many hours of bouncing in a dump truck. I basically “beat my body up” daily. I have made progress with Dr. Taylor’s methods. He stretches my back out and makes adjustments to my spine. The latest treatment that I have felt the greatest with has been laser treatment. Within two days, my back was nearly without pain. It felt as if it were non-existent. The laser gave my body that extra push to get pain-free. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants lasting relief. The relief from pain is extensive and lasts for several weeks. I am totally satisfied with the laser treatment process."

- Melissa B.

“Dr. Taylor has helped my 2 year old avoid surgery. We had seen ENT and they wanted to start him on a strong nasal spray for his adenoids and snoring, the next step being removal. Instead of starting the strong medicine, we chose to bring him to Tennessee Center of Integrated Medicine. Two weeks later, his snoring was almost completely gone. Our son even looks forward to going to see Dr. Taylor and always wants to go first. Thank you Dr. Taylor for helping our son avoid surgery and providing a family-friendly environment!”

- Kailen S.

“My son, Oliver, has been dealing with fussiness and acid reflux, mostly in the evening. Dr. Taylor has fixed that problem for him. He adjusted his back, while explaining the whole process. He was so thorough that he noticed Oliver wasn’t turning his head all the way to the left. He adjusted his neck as well. My baby has been sleeping better, isn’t crying from pain, and is back to his content self. I am a full believer in adjusting your baby after just two visits. Thank you Dr. Taylor for being so throughout with his mom – even checking out his formula – we are so very grateful!”

- Lauren S.

"For over a decade I have been looking for a permanent solution for pains and aches I suffered due to injuries and operations that I received in my 24 years of service in the US Army. The VA in their intention to reduce the pain killers prescriptions, referred me to Taylor Spine and Sports Rehabilitation for acupuncture treatments. After 6 weeks of treatment, and also spinal manipulation, I am pain free and do not need to use pain killers. I recommend Dr. Taylor for acupuncture and also for chiropractic. Excellent service, expertise, and bed side manner."

- Hector J.

"After being hit by a car as a pedestrian and having to have knee surgery, I thought the discomfort in my knee was my new normal.

However, after just two treatments of dry needling, I noticed a significant decrease in the discomfort and tightness. After four treatments, my knee feels like it did before the accident. I am amazed at how well this treatment works to restore function back to my knee, and the staff is amazing!"

- Kelley O.

"After injuring my left shoulder while lifting weights, I was afraid I had damaged my AC Joint or tore my Labrum. I had constant pain in my left shoulder for about 3 weeks while I waited for an appointment with my doctor. I came to Taylor Spine and Sports Rehabilitation to begin regular visits to a Chiropractor, and during my consultation I was able to explain my shoulder injury. The staff suggested that I give the deep tissue rehabilitation laser a trial run to see if could repair/heal my injured shoulder. The laser therapy took only 5 minutes and the processes was completely painless. The deep tissue laser immediately began healing my injury and within 4 days I was able to use my shoulder pain free, and the following week I was back in the gym. The deep tissue rehabilitation laser is a phenomenal piece of equipment and I highly recommend it for potential muscle/tendon strains or tears."

- Michael O.

"After suffering from neck pain for several days, I sought the help of Dr. Vince and within one day, I had significant relief. I highly recommend him for chiropractic care!"

- Amy S. 

"Dr. Vince is one of the most thorough and compassionate doctors I have ever been treated by. I recommend him, without hesitation, to all my friends and family. The best of the best!"

- Trevor F.

"Feel much better and seeing Dr. Vince! Dennis is doing his knee replacement PT with Dr. Erin. Great people. Great customer service. They know their stuff. Highly recommend!!"

- Nancy M.

"I hurt my back while I was lifting something heavy. I began treatment with a chiropractor in town (not Dr. Taylor). After several weeks of treatment and not making any progress I chose to seek help elsewhere. Dr. Taylor came highly recommended by my physician. I've been going to him for a short period of time and I've made a considerable amount of progress. I highly recommend Dr. Vince Taylor."

- Missy B.

"Dr. Taylor and his team are professional in every way possible. I recently broke my foot and was off of it for two months. I went to see Dr. Taylor for laser treatments to help with the pain and to lessen my healing time. I believe the treatments are helping me with my pain and I can tell it is getting better each day. I would recommend Dr. Taylor to anyone that is having issues with pain from an injury."

- Laura S.

"I injured my knee years ago. I went through physical therapy and was released feeling great. It wasn't too long though before it started to hurt again. It would especially hurt whenever my mileage began to increase. I would try everything to ease the pain but everything only offered temporary relief. Even ultrasound could not quite solve it. I will admit, I was skeptical about laser, thinking it would provide the same short term relief. After 3 treatments though I found myself able to run my miles pain free. Laser was finally the thing that cured my constant knee pain."

- Kyle H.

"I have always been one to have a tremendous amount of knee pain most of my life. I have been through 2 knee surgeries, tons and tons of physical therapy and nothing ever seemed to help me long term. So as you could guess, when Dr. Taylor suggested this new deep tissue laser therapy treatment, I was pretty skeptical. I thought nothing has worked so far so why would this? So with guiance from Dr. Taylor, I decided to try the laser therapy treatment. After 2 sessions, all the aches and pains from over 10 years was gone! I was pain free at home, pain free at work, and I can't thank Dr. Taylor enough for what he has given me. I know many people are skeptical of new things especially when it comes to their body, but this deep tissue laser therapy works."

- Brooke S.

"I have always had trouble with sleeping, anxiety, and depression. I have been on numerous medications throughout the last few years. All the medications had side effects, and some were worse than the sleeping issues, anxiety, and depression I was experiencing. I decided to start Neurofeedback training, not thinking it would help since nothing else has, but I was wrong. After completing 40 sessions of Neurofeedback my life has changed! I no longer have trouble sleeping, and I am not experiencing the anxiety and depression symptoms I had dealt with my entire life!! I am now living my best life!"

- Danielle F.


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