"Hello my name is Triasha. I had the absolute awesome privilege to have Mandy Childers NP as my primary care provider. She is very well knowledgeable and her beside manners are incredible. She genuinely care about her patients and go over and beyond to find the appropriate care regimen. I had several serious issues and she ALWAYS went over and beyond in my care."

- Triasha H.

"Mandy's personal commitment to excellence has inspired me to push past mediocrity. Mandy's ability to listen to others' with concern and an open mind creates an environment of mutual respect where relationships flourish. It's her careful attention to detail that makes her patients feel so special. She was very thorough with my treatment and went the extra steps to make me understand my health and what I needed to do to move forward. She is amazing at what she does because she has the heart and passion for it, she does it with a smile and radiates love for medicine and patient care."

- Megan P.

"For over a decade I have been looking for a permanent solution for pains and aches I suffered due to injuries and operations that I received in my 24 years of service in the US Army. The VA in their intention to reduce the pain killers prescriptions, referred me to Taylor Spine and Sports Rehabilitation for acupuncture treatments. After 6 weeks of treatment, and also spinal manipulation, I am pain free and do not need to use pain killers. I recommend Dr. Taylor for acupuncture and also for chiropractic. Excellent service, expertise, and bed side manner."

- Hector J.

"After being hit by a car as a pedestrian and having to have knee surgery, I thought the discomfort in my knee was my new normal.

However, after just two treatments of dry needling, I noticed a significant decrease in the discomfort and tightness. After four treatments, my knee feels like it did before the accident. I am amazed at how well this treatment works to restore function back to my knee, and the staff is amazing!"

- Kelley O.

"After injuring my left shoulder while lifting weights, I was afraid I had damaged my AC Joint or tore my Labrum. I had constant pain in my left shoulder for about 3 weeks while I waited for an appointment with my doctor. I came to Taylor Spine and Sports Rehabilitation to begin regular visits to a Chiropractor, and during my consultation I was able to explain my shoulder injury. The staff suggested that I give the deep tissue rehabilitation laser a trial run to see if could repair/heal my injured shoulder. The laser therapy took only 5 minutes and the processes was completely painless. The deep tissue laser immediately began healing my injury and within 4 days I was able to use my shoulder pain free, and the following week I was back in the gym. The deep tissue rehabilitation laser is a phenomenal piece of equipment and I highly recommend it for potential muscle/tendon strains or tears."

- Michael O.

"After suffering from neck pain for several days, I sought the help of Dr. Vince and within one day, I had significant relief. I highly recommend him for chiropractic care!"

- Amy S. 

"Dr. Vince is one of the most thorough and compassionate doctors I have ever been treated by. I recommend him, without hesitation, to all my friends and family. The best of the best!"

- Trevor F.

"Feel much better and seeing Dr. Vince! Dennis is doing his knee replacement PT with Dr. Erin. Great people. Great customer service. They know their stuff. Highly recommend!!"

- Nancy M.

"I hurt my back while I was lifting something heavy. I began treatment with a chiropractor in town (not Dr. Taylor). After several weeks of treatment and not making any progress I chose to seek help elsewhere. Dr. Taylor came highly recommended by my physician. I've been going to him for a short period of time and I've made a considerable amount of progress. I highly recommend Dr. Vince Taylor."

- Missy B.

"Dr. Taylor and his team are professional in every way possible. I recently broke my foot and was off of it for two months. I went to see Dr. Taylor for laser treatments to help with the pain and to lessen my healing time. I believe the treatments are helping me with my pain and I can tell it is getting better each day. I would recommend Dr. Taylor to anyone that is having issues with pain from an injury."

- Laura S.

"I injured my knee years ago. I went through physical therapy and was released feeling great. It wasn't too long though before it started to hurt again. It would especially hurt whenever my mileage began to increase. I would try everything to ease the pain but everything only offered temporary relief. Even ultrasound could not quite solve it. I will admit, I was skeptical about laser, thinking it would provide the same short term relief. After 3 treatments though I found myself able to run my miles pain free. Laser was finally the thing that cured my constant knee pain."

- Kyle H.

"I have always been one to have a tremendous amount of knee pain most of my life. I have been through 2 knee surgeries, tons and tons of physical therapy and nothing ever seemed to help me long term. So as you could guess, when Dr. Taylor suggested this new deep tissue laser therapy treatment, I was pretty skeptical. I thought nothing has worked so far so why would this? So with guiance from Dr. Taylor, I decided to try the laser therapy treatment. After 2 sessions, all the aches and pains from over 10 years was gone! I was pain free at home, pain free at work, and I can't thank Dr. Taylor enough for what he has given me. I know many people are skeptical of new things especially when it comes to their body, but this deep tissue laser therapy works."

- Brooke S.


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