"3 weeks and my neck and shoulder pain are gone."

"I was a little nervous about what to expect when I scheduled my complimentary consultation. What were they going to do to me? Would they be able to help? Were they going to be nice or was I going to like the doctor and the clinic? But as soon as I walked in the door I knew I was in the right place. The staff was incredibly friendly. The doctor was very knowledgeable and friendly. He was the first person to actually explain exactly what my neck problem was and what my options were to fix it. And most importantly the treatments have been great. 3 weeks and my neck and shoulder pain are gone."

- Lynne G.

"Life changing! I was at a dead end road when I discovered TNCIM. I was suffering 7+ years of chronic gut disease (UC) that was destroying my health and overall quality of life. I had been to multiple gastroenterologists, had multiple colonoscopy's, prescribed several medications, and had tried all the "online fad diets/detox's" and nothing worked. I was only getting worse. So I ended the cycle of insanity & attended a seminar at TCIM & immediately felt relief because I wasn't alone & found there were people healing themselves using an integrative medicine approach and I was ready to dedicate myself & get my life and health back. The testing TCIM did revealed things about my health that no "Doctor" I had seen had ever even mentioned. I strictly followed the program & protocol, even when it was difficult, because I knew there was nothing more difficult than living with a chronic disease. The amount of knowledge I gained through the program is priceless. It has changed how I live daily. I am healed & realize it was always in my power! I am so thankful to everyone at TCIM!! I have my life back!"

- Ashla T.

"This program was one of the best things I've done for my life. Truly such a life changing experience. Thank you Tennessee Center of Integrated Medicine!"

- Isabell S.

"I always thought it was my fault that I was so overweight, but I've come to the conclusion that it was the fault of the many previous diets I have tried. They were mostly low fat and so restrictive that I could not stay on them once the weight loss stopped (usually by 6 weeks in). I would give up because my body refused to lose weight as it had gone into famine mode. That's not a good way to live. Every time I gave up, my weight went up and my self-esteem went down. So here I am, 78 years old. Weight Watchers would have told me that 1) It is extremely hard to lose weight at my age, and 2) my total food intake would have to be cut back even more because of my age. Well, as of this past tuesday, I have lost 47 lbs!!!! And I can eat more than 3 ounces of meat at a meal! I don't think my knee replacement surgery would have gone as well as it did had I not lost weight, not to mention the "prehab" and rehab I have gotten from Zach and Marcus. I am eating well, I do not feel deprived, I am healthy and I will be ending December with a weight loss, not a gain. Thank you to everyone at TNCIM for bringing this program to Clarksville. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2022."

- Margaret E.

"I have been attending the center for 3 months after attending a free seminar. I used to be so tired, but didn't understand why. Now after learning to eat healthier, taking supplements, and attending their exercise classes I am feeling so much better! I highly recommend them. All their employees are very friendly and knowledgeable. Their neurofeedback program is excellent!"

- Amy M.

"I cannot begin to tell you how much neurofeedback and brain mapping has changed our son... He would struggle so much in school because of test anxiety to the point of causing panic attacks, he was always anxious, and extreme sensory overloaded... His focus and attention span has improved 100%, his handwriting, test scores everything has improved, my child's self-esteem has been boosted because he realizes I can do this.. He has become more outgoing, and wants to do things where as before he would be hesitant... We are so thankful that we heard about this, and will definitely be recommending our friends to the office.. Everyone in the office is great, you will not be disappointed with the services provided."

- Tanya D.

"He had an inability to control emotional outbursts. He really struggles with change to his daily routine. Socializing with new friends was difficult. After Neurofeedback, he is socializing better, and can control his emotions. We no longer have emotional breakdowns when his dad leaves on work trips. We are very thankful for the changes!"

- Mom of 9-year-old son with autism

"My son has learned to calm himself and process his emotions before exploding or having a breakdown! It is so nice to see him smile and have fun and find a new confidence! We are so happy we decided to do Neurofeedback!"

- Mom of 7-year-old son

"When I do Neurofeedback, it helps me process because I have so many things going on in my mind. This really helps me because I can process, slow down my brain, and open up. I feel a lot calmer."

- M.G., 9-year-old boy with anxiety

"After being hit by a car as a pedestrian and having to have knee surgery, I thought the discomfort in my knee was my new normal.

However, after just two treatments of dry needling, I noticed a significant decrease in the discomfort and tightness. After four treatments, my knee feels like it did before the accident. I am amazed at how well this treatment works to restore function back to my knee, and the staff is amazing!"

- Kelley O.

"I injured my knee years ago. I went through physical therapy and was released feeling great. It wasn't too long though before it started to hurt again. It would especially hurt whenever my mileage began to increase. I would try everything to ease the pain but everything only offered temporary relief. Even ultrasound could not quite solve it. I will admit, I was skeptical about laser, thinking it would provide the same short term relief. After 3 treatments though I found myself able to run my miles pain free. Laser was finally the thing that cured my constant knee pain."

- Kyle H.

"I have always had trouble with sleeping, anxiety, and depression. I have been on numerous medications throughout the last few years. All the medications had side effects, and some were worse than the sleeping issues, anxiety, and depression I was experiencing. I decided to start Neurofeedback training, not thinking it would help since nothing else has, but I was wrong. After completing 40 sessions of Neurofeedback my life has changed! I no longer have trouble sleeping, and I am not experiencing the anxiety and depression symptoms I had dealt with my entire life!! I am now living my best life!"

- Danielle F.


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